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How Are Charter Schools Different From Other Public Schools?

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Charter schools believe in providing a high-quality education just like public schools, but there are several key differences between these two types of schools. Understanding what makes a public charter school different from other schools is essential. This can help you decide if it's the correct type of education for your little one.

Charter Contract

Both schools receive public funding, and there is legislation regarding both schools. However, charter schools often have a contract with a legislative body. According to NCES, public charter schools are publicly funded schools governed by a group or organization under a legislative contract, known as a charter, with the district, state, or other entity. The charter may include performance expectations.

More Flexibility

Public schools operate under strict guidelines set forth by the district. This doesn't leave much wiggle room for new teaching methods or going outside the curriculum. A public charter school has more flexibility, allowing them to design their curriculum and teaching strategies that work for their student body. This is why so many schools teach core subjects but can also focus more on other areas, such as sports or the arts.

Specialization Area

Most charter schools have a specific mission or specialization. For example, schools may focus on the arts, sports, STEM, or other academic areas. Many focus on things like character development. This specialization helps parents find their children a school that aligns with their interests to increase engagement and foster a love for learning. Schools teach traditional subjects alongside their specialization.

Small Class Size

A public charter school typically has a smaller class size than other public schools. This makes them an excellent place for children with individualized learning plans. It's easier for teachers to implement an IEP when fewer children are in class. Smaller class sizes ensure children get the individual attention they need to thrive academically.

Teaching Methods

Another crucial difference between a public charter school and others involves the teaching methods. Charter schools stay current on the latest research and teaching methods to ensure they use the best ways to teach children. This may involve more hands-on learning, like in a Montessori school, or emphasizing teamwork and projects to keep children engaged.

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