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4 Tips for Parents Considering a Charter School

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Public schools are often under fire due to overcrowding and testing rates. Therefore, you may be looking towards alternative forms of education, such as charter schools. Charter schools are public schools with free tuition, but they have additional benefits other schools don't offer, such as a more specialized curriculum. Here are some tips for parents considering a charter school for their child.

1. Look Into the Faculty Background

Make sure you feel comfortable about the teachers at any charter school you're considering for your child. Luckily, charter schools hold teachers and administrators accountable in ways that a regular local public school may not. Do the teachers have a degree in the subject that they're teaching? They should also have a chance to do continuing education to enhance their learning.

2. Ask About the Mission or Curriculum Focus

Charter schools have different missions. Some may be focused on religion, while others focus on STEM development. The curriculum may be based on art and music education for students who want to pursue a performing or visual arts career. If kids want to immerse themselves in a second language, there are also schools that can accommodate them. Then, some schools may have a general and well-rounded curriculum that focuses more on different teaching methods. Be sure to choose a school that makes sense for your child's areas of interest.

3. Consider Class Sizes

The smaller the class size, the better it is for a student. A school with a good student-teacher ratio is better for student involvement. Each student can participate and be seen and heard by other students and the teacher. Plus, it's easier for teachers to ensure that their curriculum translates well to the students.

4. Choose a Convenient Location

One of the many benefits of charter schools is not being held back by your ZIP code. However, before you apply for a charter school lottery, think long and hard about whether the commute is too long for you and your child. If they don't have access to a school bus and will need you to drive them to school, be mindful of whether a longer school run can work out for your work schedule.

According to NCES, in 1991, the first law that created charter schools was passed in Minnesota. 45 States, including Washington D.C, had also passed similar legislation by 2019. Thanks to the success of such legislation, students across the nation have greater access to charter schools. Consider the above points to choose the ideal educational environment for your child, and don't hesitate to contact The Varnett Public School today for a tour.