5th grader pays tribute to Grandparents

Ja’Niece Harris is a 5th grade student in the classroom of teacher Yolonda Williams at the Southwest Campus. Her grandparents, Mr. Lester Landry and Ms. Peggy Sherrill, were among hundreds of grandparents and other relatives to visit and have breakfast with their grandchildren at all three campuses. The following is Ja'Niece's tribute to her loved ones.

Love is patient. Love is kind.

My grandparents love me, so equal love I should give them. My grandparents are special to me because they will pick me up when I fall. They gave my mother life and without them I wouldn’t be here right now. I love my grandparents. My grandparents are never too busy to stop loving me. Grandparents love you no matter the situation.  A grandparent’s love is never-ending love.

I love my grandparents because they are always there for me.

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