Boiling water advisory for Friday, February 28

Students asked to bring water to school

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The Varnett Public School Home

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Mission Statement

The mission of The Varnett Public School is to provide a rigorous academic program that meets the needs of our diverse population.

Core Values
Common Decency
High Student Achievement
Meaningful Parental Engagement

The Varnett Public School is dedicated to excellence in all things.
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Superintendent's Message

Dear Varnett Parents:
Welcome back! We hope you and your children had a wonderful holiday season.
As we head into the second semester, we want to stress the importance of sending your child to school every day.  Every year, absences spike in the weeks before and after the winter holiday as families squeeze in a few more vacation days. It’s time to break that cycle. We know that just a few missed days here and there, even if they’re excused absences, can add up to lost learning time and put your child behind in school. Simply put, too many absences at any age can affect a student’s chances for academic success and eventually for graduation. Keep in mind the costs to your children’s education if they miss too much school.
Now that you're back, please ask your children what they learned each day and encourage them to read at least 30 minutes a day. Reading is the foundation for everything we do in the classrooms -- and in life. Provide time and space for your child to do homework and ensure that it is complete. Ensure that your children arrive at school on time every day. The early hours of school are crucial to your child's education. They also set the tone for the entire day of learning.
We look forward to an exciting second semester. We encourage you to volunteer at Varnett, talk to your children's teachers and work diligently with your children at home to help them achieve and maintain academic excellence.
Thank you for making The Varnett Public School your school of choice.

Dr. Margaret Stroud
Superintendent, The Varnett Public School