Campus rewards students for straight A's, outstanding behavior

Southwest Campus administrators and teachers honored 46 students who achieved straight A’s during the second six weeks of the school year and recognized 36 students as “Students of the Month” for October, November and December.

As a reward for their performance, the students received an Honor Roll certificate, pin, pencil and two free snacks from the cafeteria. Many made both the Honor Roll and were named a Student of the Month.

Honor Roll recognition is a way that we as educators can show our students how proud we are of them.  These students have strived above and beyond to maintain an “A” average, which is a 92 and above.

Each month, two students from each of the kindergarten through 5th grade classes are selected as “Students of the Month.” The recognition covered three months.

Ms. Morrow, the behavior specialist, said the guidelines for Student of the Month include:

* Excellent character
* Outstanding behavior
* Positive attitude towards others/learning
* Good citizenship
* Responsibility
* Respects peers and teachers
* Follows classroom/school rules and expectations

By recognizing these students, we are setting positive goals for all students to strive for excellence.  We want our students to know how proud we are of their hard work and continued achievement.  Our Honor Board, which is located in the cafeteria, receives multi visits and numerous inquiries from our students.  Students are constantly asking how can they get their name on the board. 

This positive motivational tool gives our students a chance to set their own short- and long-term goals.  They are able to challenge themselves and do their best at all times. With us all working together, we can continue our journey towards positive academic achievement. 

Ms. Jones
Curriculum Coordinator

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