January is School Board Recognition Month...Varnett seeks Texas-certified EC-4 or EC-6 PreK and Kindergarten teachers and EC-12 ESL/bilingual teachers. Minimum of two years' teaching experience in an elementary (PreK - 5th) school. TRS medical, retirement and other benefits available. Please email resumes to gvoltz@varnett.org or fax to 713-726-7680. Visit our website at varnett.org...Varnett seeks two self-starting, technical support specialists. Go to "Employment Opportunities" for details.


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My kids are learning, safe and comfortable

My kids are learning, safe and comfortable
Teachers are inspirational on daily basis
Grandparent and teacher: Varnett is a school I can trust
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Message from the Director

Dear Parents:

As we enter the holiday season, I want to thank you for your participation in our family activities, such as Parent Night, Thanksgiving lunch, Grandparents Day and the Carnival. Your involvement underscores the importance of working as a team in furthering the education of your children.

The winter break for your children will be from December 22 through January 5, 2015. While this is a time for holiday cheer, please remember that the holidays also provide an opportunity for learning. Encourage your children to read, write, practice math, count and study science because we will be entering a crucial period after the break.  Ask your children to practice what their teachers have taught them so far this year and engage them in fun activities that include these subject areas. Also, take advantage of our “Educational Websites for Varnett Students” on the home page of our website. The site contains educational links in the areas of reading, writing and science.

When your children return to school on January 6, we will hit the ground running. The all-important STAAR test for third- through fifth-graders begins on March 30.  The Stanford 10 tests for kindergarten through second grade students will be administered April 21-24 and the POCET test for pre-k students will take place January 12-16 and again April 6-10. These tests are crucial in determining the path your children will take in the future. We are committed to establishing a 100 percent student success rate.  Ask your children what they learned at Varnett each day and make sure they do their homework and report to school on time.

The holiday season is also a season of giving. I want to thank you and your children for donating large amounts of canned food and other items to those in need. I also want to commend those who are participating in our toy drives at Southwest, East and Northeast campuses.  Through these and other community service projects, our children are learning the importance of “giving back” to the community. In addition to helping our children become high achievers, we want to teach them about what it takes to be good citizens and contributors to the community.

Finally, I encourage you to read the monthly newsletters that are sent home to you and posted on each campus page of our website. They contain valuable information, in both English and Spanish, about upcoming events and expectations. This is a key way of communicating with you and keeping you informed.

Happy Holidays to you and your family.

Dr.Margaret Stroud, Interim Superintendent


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