Fresh from top 10 finish, team uses chess to excel in math

Varnett's Southeast chess team members recently used chess to help them enhance math scores.
We asked students to count the value of the chess pieces in their minds, using addition, subtraction and multiplication.  In addition to placing ninth last month at a national chess tournament, the team members now use chess as another tool to improve academic performance in the classroom and on standardized testing. We want to raise the test scores to the highest.
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Time, attention, patience and strategy (T.A.P.S.) are four skills it takes to be a good chess player and to be successful in life. T.A.P.S. is the chess instruction module used at the Varnett Public School district and it is positively impacting the students involved in the chess program.
By Mr. James Hudson, a chess coach who has contracted with The Varnett Public School
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