Stanford 10 testing starts today!

Many students across The Varnett Public School pumped each other up Friday as they prepared to take the Stanford 10 test starting today, April 1. Testing continues through Friday, April 5, 2019.
The test, for students in grades kindergarten through 2, covers all subject areas and gives teachers an indication of where the students rank in comparison to others in the same grade level across Texas and the United States.
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Below are a few tips you should follow before testing time. Your child should:
1. Get a good night's rest.
2. Eat a good breakfast.
3. Arrive to school on time.
4. Not be picked up early from school during testing hours.
5. Bring a light sweater if they normally get chilly.

Below are helpful tips for students on testing days:
1. Be sure to have at least 2, number two pencils each day.
2. Listen attentively and follow directions the first time they are given.
3. Answer each question as accurately as possible.
4. Remain as quiet as possible when you complete each sub-section; others may still be testing.
Here are links that can help your child prepare for the test. Remember to use the drop-down next to Change Section.
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