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Students get new technology for interaction

Varnett recently equipped this campus with an all-encompassing, multi-media technology for 3rd-5th grade classrooms. As a result of the community's fund-raising efforts, the district was able to install Promethean Active Classroom boards in each classroom. This board replaces the dated chalk boards and overhead projector and will encourage increased student participation and collaboration.

Each board is equipped with a touch screen display and an attached projector used to output video and display images. The versatile “ActiveBoard” works with a personal computer and will be used to implement the curriculum for each grade level. Students will receive wireless, hand-held devices that will allow them to express themselves instantly and in an individual voice. Teachers, meanwhile, will track and immediately assess their students’ progress.

Installation of this technological advancement is the result of parents' efforts to ensure that their children receive an exemplary education utilizing 21st Century technology. Varnett invites parents to a 3rd-5th classroom to inspect the Promethean Active Classroom board system. The district goal for the 2010-2011 school year is to install Promethean ActiveClassroom boards in each of the PK3-2nd grade classrooms.
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