Weathers hired for top security post

Avery Weathers joins Varnett as the new security coordinator.

Mr. Weathers previously served as a corrections officer for the Texas Department of Justice’s Carole Young Medical Facility in Dickinson. He worked at the department for 20 years.

His duties at Varnett are to ensure that all areas of the district campuses are secure and safe. "Security is present for the sake of the kids and the sake of the parents and teachers,” Mr. Weathers said in an interview.

He said he will show a strong daily presence at each of the three campuses in addition to supervising security and safety personnel.

Mr. Weathers said he left the Texas Department of Justice because “I wanted to venture into other areas of security.” His first day on the job was April 12.

Please welcome Mr. Weathers to Varnett.
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