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Teachers, staff prepare for start of school on Aug. 23

Teachers are decorating their classrooms with learning visuals and bright colors in preparation for the 2010-11 school year that starts Aug. 23.

The teachers reported to work Monday, Aug. 2, after many took a summer vacation. It was the same scene Wednesday at East, Northeast and Southwest campuses as teachers cut paper, attached posters and signs on the wall and organized their classrooms.

The activity comes after it was announced that The Varnett Public School earned the highest accountability rating of "Exemplary" from the Texas Education Agency. The East and Southwest campuses received Exemplary ratings and Northeast received the second highest rating of "Recognized." It was the second straight year the East Campus earned the highest rating.

"It was through the hard work and dedication of our students and teachers that we have achieved our goal," said Greta Peacock, 2nd-5th grade curriculum coordinator.

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For a closer look at Varnett's ratings, click here. Note that the Southwest Campus is identified by the TEA as "Varnett Charter School."

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