Congratulations to our Math superstars for November!

JiJi (ST Math Penguin) and The Varnett Public School's Academics Department would like to announce the winners of ST Math for the month of November. Varnett registered a total of 54,771 minutes of usage during the month of November!!! AWESOME!!!
ST Math is an online program that instructs our students in Math by using visual representations. Our students use the skills to help build conceptual understanding and it is aligned to our state standards. 
The campus with a total of 23,480 minutes of usage in ST MATH is:
(Disco Cheer)
Point your finger in an angle above your head, then downward to the opposite hip and sing "That's the way. uh-huh. uh-huh. I like it!!!
East Campus Math
The teacher with 29% average progress of student completed puzzles is: 
     Ms. Dorothy Carloss from Southwest Campus
(Cowboy/Cowgirl Cheer)
Put one pointer finger in the air and circle it like a lasso as you say, "Yee haw!"
Ms. Carloss
The student with 425 completed puzzles is:
Edwin Rubio (3rd grade) from Southwest Campus 
(Pat Yourself Cheer)
Pat yourself on the back as you say, "I'm good stuff."
Congratulations to all the winners. Please see the attachment below for our winners from each campus and remember to encourage your scholars to log into ST MATH for 30 minutes weekly!
Math Superstars
Photos by Ms. Monique Thornton, Varnett Elementary School Math Content Specialist, and Mr. Peter McConnell, Varnett Communications and Marketing Director 
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