Congratulations to our K-2 Spelling Bee winners!

The Varnett Public School held its District K-2 Spelling Bee featuring nine contestants - three from each campus.
The competition was fierce at Varnett's administration annex on April 8, 2022, as Dr. Margaret Stroud, Varnett's superintendent; administrators; teachers; parents and even some students zoomed in to watch.
In the end, three winners emerged (top right picture, from left to right):
  • Gabriela Acevedo, kindergarten, Northeast campus
  • Dylan Lopez, first grade, East campus
  • Alihry Blakely, second grade, East campus
The three first-grade contestants plowed through 94 words before a winner was declared. It took 20 words for the kindergartners and 12 words for the second-graders before a winner was announced.
First and second place winners received trophies and third place received medals. All received a book about "extraordinary words" by author Stacey Abrams.
"I am so proud of you for participating in the Spelling Bee and working so hard and practicing your words," Dr. Stroud said via zoom. "Of course, congratulations to the winners. I'm sure your parents are proud of you, your teachers are proud of you and I'm proud of you."
Dr. Stroud also thanked members of Varnett's Academics Department for preparing and hosting the event.
Watch a part of the Spelling Bee in action!