Varnett's Aerospace Academy December 2022 Student Highlight

The Varnett Public School’s Aerospace Academy provides an opportunity for middle school students to engage in the aerospace curriculum through project-based learning.

Students engage in a self-paced curriculum with integrated checkpoints, on the topics of force, pressure, energy, gravity, flight and speaking skills. The goal is for students to have an experiential learning experience that requires planning, experimentation, data collection and presentation of results.

In December, these sixth-grade students completed three experiments demonstrating the effects of changing pressure. They experimented with the results of pressure changes with paper, soda cans and balancing cheese puffs with a straw. These five students followed the experiment's instruction in its entirety and articulated explanations of experimentation in video recordings. They are off to a great start to being skilled in their S.T.E.A.M (science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics) skills! Aerospace Academy is proud to highlight these students for their efforts and work. 

Each student earned a “Table Top Robot,” which will require engineering knowledge and skills for construction.

Top Photo: (left to right) East Campus recipients Zoe Martinez Buezo, Joash Perrera, and Alexis Vargas.

Middle Photo: (left to right) Southwest recipients Joshua Idahosa and Sheila Terrazas-Morales.

Story and photos by Ms. Bianca Whitaker, Middle School Science Content Specialist, Varnett Public Schools