Happy National Nurses Week

National Nurses Week started Saturday, May 6 and continues to May 12, 2023. It is an important opportunity for Americans to recognize the hard work, dedication, and care nurses provide to communities across the country, day-in and day-out, as well as celebrate the health and wellness specialists who serve our needs at The Varnett Public School.
And in a message to Nurse Reyna at East and Nurse Rice at Northeast, she wrote a special tribute: "Happy Nurses Week!  I recognize you both as compassion in scrubs. You both encompass your own style yet have the same objective. We sacrifice our own health at times just to serve and help others. We treat every child as though they are our own. Doctors give medicine and we give HOPE. We are soldiers fighting illness every day with unlimited kindness, compassion and empathy. I appreciate all you do and know that your "best days" are here and ahead of you. I celebrate YOU!"
We caught up with Nurse Allen on May 6 at the Southwest campus Spring Festival.
Photos from top: Nurse Allen (Southwest and Early Childhood Center); Nurse Reyna (East) and Nurse Rice (Northeast)