Students, staff and guests celebrate Black History Month

They came all week to the Southwest campus tent. They were students, administrators, staff, parents and family. There was music, dance and singing. There were guests artists.

The common draw for all the participants Feb. 21-25 was a celebration of Black History Month.

The Express Children's Theatre performed the Freedom Train Play and Abuakr Sory Kouyate and his group put on a stirring display featuring the West African drums, prompting students under the tent to stop their feet in rhythm. Some students were later brought to the stage to display their own drum expressions.

Friday was a treat for all the campuses, where many students, parents and staff appeared in African attire. Various students capped off the week with their own presentations, including an ambitious performance by the pre-kindergarten students. Everybody was treated to a free lunch and gifts were given to parents.

It was a week of learning, excitement, hard work and fun in the celebration of Black History Month. Superintendent M. Annette Cluff, the campus directors, administrators, teachers and staff made it possible and the parents responded with enthusiasm.

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