Weather cooperates for Varnett Carnival Day

Perfect weather marked Carnival Day at East, Northeast and Southwest campuses Saturday, a popular time when the Varnett demonstrates its strong sense of community.

Each campus had a haunted house, a popular feature that succeeded in scaring the daylights out kids who dared to enter the dark and mysterious rooms. Staff playing demons and goblins relished the role of sneaking up on students and scaring them silly.

Food, drink, music, face-painting and the "moon-walk" were themes of the day as parents and students spent a leisurely time socializing and taking in the Varnett spirit. Plenty of games and contests were available as kids donning costumes came away with gifts and treats.

The annual event is an organized way for families to have fun and coincides with the Halloween season.  Arts and crafts were on display at the East Campus while students and adults at the Northeast Campus petted horses from the Houston Police Department and chatted with the officers. Horseback riding was popular at the other end of the Northeast Campus grounds.

Southwest Campus had a "rock climbing" exhibit in which students were strapped and extended several feet above the ground. Family members had the entire playfield to roam and take part in various activities.

It was another successful event at Varnett's three campuses as students left with full bellies and smiles on their faces.

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