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Southwest PreK honored for excellence

Varnett’s Southwest PreK has been designated as a “PreK Center of Excellence “ in recognition of preparing students for kindergarten.

The announcement was made by the Texas Education Agency in a letter to Dr. M. Annette Cluff, Varnett’s superintendent.

The TEA’s Kindergarten Readiness System measures and recognizes the teaching practices already in place in PreK programs and the effect these practices have on student achievement.  The honor was for the PreK-4 class of 2010-11, the TEA said.

The data came from diagnostic scores in reading from kindergartners at the beginning of the school year after they had graduated from the PreK program.  The kindergarten data was used to evaluate the effectiveness of prekindergarten programs and certain federal or government-subsidized child care and education programs.

The designation was the result of classroom participation in either the Texas School Ready grant program or the PreK Early Start grant program.

“This is a great honor and a tribute to our students and staff,” said Melissa Cluff,  district PreK curriculum coordinator and former district PreK director. “It’s nice to receive statewide recognition for our efforts and we will continue to provide the best education for our children.”

Statewide, there were 1,153 facilities receiving designations.
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