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Varnett awards diplomas to 153 Northeast Campus students

The first message: “You’ve earned it.”

The second message and Wednesday’s graduation theme: "Continuing the Pathway to Success."

Administrators, teachers and parents celebrated the graduation of 108 PreK students and 45 fifth-graders during a ceremony at New Day Deliverance Holiness Church. Indeed, these students delivered.

The audience, which came equipped with cameras, were treated to a series of graduation performances. They included such titles as Number Rock, You’ve Earned It, Welcome to Kindergarten, The Climb, Ready for a Whole New World, Phonics Song 2, Ready to Go and This World is Yours.  There were also two video presentations of the graduating PreK and fifth-grade students.

Jonathan Smith was honored as the Valedictorian and Diego Hernandez as Salutatorian. Alexia Gabriel was the mistress of ceremony and Bryan Charles led the Pledge of Allegiance.

Dr. M. Annette Cluff, the district’s superintendent,  said there was a degree of sadness because she would miss the graduating 5th grade students.  She said she looks forward to when the graduating PreK students earn their education at Varnett and they, too, will be graduating as fifth-graders. Dr. Cluff thanked Campus Director Dora J. Morrow, teachers and instructional aides as well as Twilet Alexander, the district’s special education director; Greta Peacock, Varnett’s 3rd-5th grade curriculum coordinator and Melissa Cluff, the district’s PreK curriculum coordinator.

In the end, the fifth-grade students each received the Seventh Edition of “Who’s Who in Black Houston,” a book that celebrates overall achievement. The book is a lasting impression for students to learn about history, key role models in the Houston community and an opportunity to meet them as well.

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