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Commonly asked questions about assessments at The Varnett Public School

Q: Are state assessments optional?
A: No. If your child is in the 3rd grade and above, he/she must take the assessments required by the state for the grade level in which they are enrolled.
Q: What about the Stanford assessment?
A: K-2nd students will be administered the Stanford 10 Achievement Test on April 14-17. The test will cover all subject areas. The Stanford 10 will give your child’s teacher an indication where he/she ranks in comparison to others in the same grade level across Texas and the United States. Administration of the test will take place during the morning when students are most alert and productive. Regularly scheduled classes will resume after lunch.
Q: What is TPRI and how is it administered to students?
A: The TPRI is a highly reliable early assessment designed to identify the reading development of students in K-2. It is a one-on-one assessment that helps teachers provide targeted instruction so that students improve as readers. The TPRI benchmark assessment is given 3 times a year and provides teachers with specific information about a student’s strengths and weakness in reading.
Q: Why do we spend so much time talking about state assessments? Why is it so important?
A: No Child Left Behind, a federal mandate, requires that schools across the country make Adequately Yearly Progress (AYP) in reading and math or they will be subject to further requirements. AYP is determined by state assessment scores.
Q: Can my child bring a snack?
A: No. Your child does not need to bring a snack.
Q: What if my child gets finished with the section before others?
A: We recommend that they bring a book to read in case they finish earlier than other students do.
Q: Is the assessment timed?
A: Yes. Your child has 4 hours to complete the STAAR assessment. For the Stanford assessment, your child will be timed for each section and then will be told to go onto the next section. All questions should be answered when your child has completed the assessment.
Q: Will I see the results of my child’s performance?
A: Yes. Our school will share the results of your child’s test when the school receives the results. This usually happens in late May or early June.
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More information on STAAR and Stanford 10 tests
-Mrs. Alexander
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