Read, read, read

By Ms. Jackson
Southwest Campus Librarian

Reading is a process that takes time and effort. A child's success as a learner rests with his or her ability to read. Children learn more from 0-5 years. Reading is important because it is in everything that children do from learning to talk at home to playing with their friends.

They learn to listen before they speak, listening to sounds so they can verbalize words. They learn to talk with others. They ask questions and learn the meaning of words.

Children learn and expand their appreciation of the spoken language. Just as children learn to read books with their parents, it is important for children to be asked questions and to ask their parents questions. When children continue to read, they gain independence and learn more about how reading will help them during life.

Children learn to develop and comprehend new vocabulary, apply comprehension, think critically and just to enjoy a good book. Let your child learn to read something for enjoyment every day. When at the library or alone, children should never feel pressured or discouraged about reading.

The library can help children have an imagination and creativity. They can travel through books, learn how to draw and recite poems. Just remember: Reading is FUNdamental.

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