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Fifth-grader: "Maybe someday I will be a TSU Tiger"

Dayanna Franco was among 95 Varnett fifth-graders who visited Texas Southern University and toured a science building and the new  Leonard H.O. Spearman Technology Building. A member of Mr. Rhone’s class at the Northeast Campus, Dayanna also was one of three students to present a $4,500 scholarship check to TSU President John M. Rudley. The following is a personal account of her very special day:

By Dayanna Franco

On Friday March 28, 2014, we visited Texas Southern University. My experience at TSU was amazing. The very first place we visited on campus was the classroom where pilots train and learn to fly airplanes. I was amazed by the control buttons needed to fly an airplane. I learned that any airport in the United States can be digitally added to the flight simulator to be used to prepare students in the program. The instructor explained how a compass rose works and told us how much math was involved. I told him math was my favorite subject.

After the airplane class, we visited the 4D virtual car room. We learned that the virtual laboratory reports to the Texas Department of Transportation to improve driving in the Houston area.

When we left that class, we visited the Science and Technology class where we witnessed a chemical change with iodine and corn starch. When mixed together the result is a blue liquid. We were told that it could burn your hand. How cool! It was just like a lab we did in Mr. Rhone’s class.

At the very end of our tour we ate with Dr. Cluff and Dr. John M. Rudley, President of TSU,  in the school’s buffet.  It was a huge cafeteria and everyone was able to choose anything we wanted. We even had ice cream. After lunch two other students and myself were selected to hand Dr. Rudley a check from our fundraising efforts at Varnett. The Varnett Public School was delighted to present a $4,500 check for scholarships.  Three TSU students were present and inspired me and maybe someday I will be a TSU Tiger.

Top Photo: Dayanna Franco

Bottom Photo: Northeast Campus student Dayanna Franco (left) looks on after she helped present a $4,500 scholarship check to Texas Southern University President John M. Rudley. Also on hand were Norma Diaz of East Campus, Amiyah White of Southwest, Dr. M. Annette Cluff, Varnett's superintendent, and three TSU students.
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