My kids are learning, safe and comfortable

My name is Maria Correa and I would like to write about my experience at the Varnett School East Campus. This is my first year at the campus and I love it. Before the enrollment I had heard a lot of good things about the school and that’s the reason I decided to enroll my kids. I have two kids right now attending Varnett. One is in PreK4 and the other one is in kindergarten.

My son in kindergarten at the beginning of the school year was attending the corresponding school, which was an HISD campus. I enrolled him at Varnett because I had my little one in Varnett. Once my son attended Varnett, I noticed that they were more advanced than the other school my son was attending before. I was worried that he would not catch up with the rest of the students. But let me tell you that since he’s been there, he has learned so much and I’m really happy and thankful with the help of his teacher, and the patience helped him a lot.

My son who is in PreK4 has learned so much and he loves attending school. The Varnett School has really good teachers and staff, and the kids have learned so much. I’ve never had a problem with the teacher or staff.  I will continue having my kids in this school because I’m really happy where they are going and they feel comfortable and safe.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Maria Correa
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