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Teachers from India celebrate Independence Day

Professional development for teachers had an international flavor Friday.
Teachers from India celebrated that country’s Independence Day with presentations, dancing and music during a teacher training session at the Southwest Campus cafeteria. Observed annually on August 15, the national holiday in India commemorates the nation’s independence from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and  Northern Ireland on August 15, 1947.
Five teachers were  dressed in traditional garb and explained to Varnett staffers the significance of the day, when people in India pay homage to their leaders and those who fought for India’s freedom in the past.  Google posted a doodle on its homepage  featuring independent India with its first stamp.
“The national flag of India is a horizontal tricolor of deep saffron at the top indicating the strength and courage of the country,” the teachers said in a statement to their American counterparts.  The middle of the flag, it said, indicates peace and truth.
Dr. M. Annette Cluff, Varnett’s superintendent, stopped by to witness the presentation.
“This is what’s nice about the campus,” she said. “We have so much diversity here.”
Seven teachers from India will be working at Varnett this year.
Top  Photo: (from left), Ms. Ecclesia Gattu, Ms. Puja Charles, Ms. Hemima Botla, Ms. Maria Celestine and Ms. Sheba Rani
Bottom Photo: (from left), 
Ms. Maria Celestine, Ms. Sheba Rani and Ms. Puja Charles
India celebrates 68 years of independence with spectacular festivity (PHOTOS)
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