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New Meal Patterns & Nutrition Standards, 2014-15

Breakfast Meal

* Food-based menu planning is required.

* Specific calorie requirements for the three age/grade groups, K-5, 6-8 and 9-12 - must be met.

* All grains must be whole grain-rich

* Increase fruit quantity from three to  five cups per week and a minimum of 1 cup per day.

* Breakfast target got weekly sodium must be met.

At breakfast, a reimbursable meal must contain 3 components:

1. Grain

2. Fruit

3. Milk

Breakfast served in the traditional cafeteria line allows students to eat well-balanced meal consisting of various types of hot and cold entrees, fresh fruit, 100% fruit juice and choice of skim or 1% flavored or unflavored milk.

Lunch Meal

At Lunch, a reimbursable meal must contain 5 components:

1. Fruit

2. Vegetables

3. Grain

4. Milk

5. Meat/meat alternatives

All school lunches meet or exceed state and federal nutritional guidelines.

Federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy against discrimination

Helpful Food and Nutrition Sites:

My Plate, My Tray, My Health

Nutrition Standards for School Meals

Food Buying Guide for Child Nutrition Programs

USDA Website

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