Lunchroom students rewarded for good behavior

A selected group of students had lunch with campus director Ms. Alexander Monday as a reward for demonstrating good behavior in the cafeteria last month.

The kindergarten class of Ms. Carloss had the honor of receiving the recognition for the month of October.  This honor was the result of our campus implementing a behavior program called CHAMPs, a proactive and positive approach to good behavior.

By using effective management practices, teachers can help every student feel and  behave like a champion.  CHAMPs  reflects the behavioral expectations which teachers define and directly teach to their students.

The noise level in the cafeteria is monitored by using a color system. Every class is given a green “smiley face” at the beginning of lunch. They lose their smiley face if the noise level exceeds defined expectations.

The reward was received by the kinder class, who on Monday had a 30-minute lunch with a special staff member.  The staff member for the month was Mrs. Alexander and everybody had a good tine.

Congratulations to our CHAMPs students of the month.

We are looking for a new class for next month.  So stay on your best behavior and follow the cafeteria expectations so that you will receive the award for November.

Ms. Morrow

Behavioral Specialist  

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