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States other than Texas? East Campus second graders do the research

Ms. Nyivih’s second-grade class recently completed a social studies project on state capitals and state birds, flowers and trees. East Campus students picked a state from the contiguous 48 states. They also were encouraged to add any other pertinent information they felt would enhance their class presentation.

The projects were graded on creativity, accuracy and neatness. Kailey Garza, Adriana Juarez and Alejandro Hernandez did an outstanding job on their projects. Kailey put together a booklet and titled it “Interesting things about the state of Ohio.”

The students were given 10 days to do the research, search the internet for information, create the poster board and print or draw pictures to support their display.

After the presentations, Ms. Nyivih posted the students' work in the hallway just outside the classroom. In all, the students did a great job and the project was a success.

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Watch Kailey Garza's presentation on Ohio

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