Boys build, paint miniature tugboats for fine arts lesson

Home Depot recently provided a kit of materials that enabled Ms. Blackwell’s 3rd grade boys to build and paint miniature tugboats at the Southwest Campus.

The partnership was designed to help students build self-esteem and show creativity, pride and imagination as part of a fine arts lesson, Ms. Blackwell said. The teacher and her students partnered with Home Depot Kid’s Workshop Coordinator Tamika Baker, who works at the Westbury Square location.

Guided by written instructions and the help of Ms. Blackwell, the boys built the tugboats outside near the cafeteria and did the painting and finishing touches in the classroom. The boats were later put on display by the classroom windows.

Student Josiah Jones said he learned some valuable lessons. "I learned how to be patient, how to paint and how to use a hammer," Josiah said. "I already knew how to follow instructions."

Home Depot offers free workshops for do-it-yourselfers of all ages and experience levels. “Students learn how to use building materials and follow directions to create a finished project,” she said, adding that she will contact Ms. Baker again to discuss other potential projects.

 “We are thankful for the support of Home Depot,” Ms. Blackwell said.

 She said the girls will be participating in a project as well.

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