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East Campus 5th graders take nature tour, become young scientists

Ms. Davis’ fifth-grade students recently took a field trip to Nature Discovery Center in Houston, where they observed animals eating and searched for clues on who eats whom.

The trip for the 19 students was part of a science project involving the investigation of nature in Russ Pitman Park using scientific methods.

The project focused on examining food webs, a network of food chains by which energy and nutrients are passed on from one species of living organisms to another.

The field trip experience “is where students become scientists in our four-acre park, investigating specific topics such as trees, birds, habitats and food webs,” Sarah Flournoy, executive director of Nature Discovery Park, said in a publicity statement. “These young scientists immerse themselves in our outdoor classroom using the scientific method and all of them are then able to continue the experience back in their own classrooms with follow-up curriculum we provide.”

The scientific method is defined as a logical and rational order of steps by which scientists come to conclusions about the world around them, according to the Science Made Simple website. Scientists use observations, hypotheses and deductions to make these conclusions.

The students also visited the large discovery room that features science-themed exhibits and the small discovery room that houses a live animal collection, specimens and microscopes for hands-on activities.

“Using the scientific method will help our students achieve mastery of the 5th-grade science STAAR test on April 22nd,” said Ms. Voltz, East Campus director.

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