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Would you like fries with that?

Varnett's teachers and staff  did a little moonlighting Thursday during McTeacher's Night at McDonald's.
They took orders, flipped some fries, called out numbers and delivered food to customers, many of whom were from Varnett. It was part of a fundraiser that netted the Southwest Campus $405.
"It was a fun night; I really enjoyed it," said Ms. Blackwell, a third-grade teacher who was one of 15 teachers and staff  who helped out at the McDonald's at 10315 S. Post Oak @ W. Bellfort.
Varnett earned $65 in cookie sales, $40 in donations and 15 percent of the food sales ($300) for the three-hour event. The proceeds will go toward student attendance incentives, said Ms. Mukes, the campus director. The second attendance incentive event will be December 18, Ms. Mukes said.
Kimberlyn Wilkins, chair of the Southwest Campus fundraising committee, made arrangements with Dina Munroe-Whitaker of the McDonald's franchise, to set up the event.
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 According to McDonald's website, McTeacher's Night is a popular fundraising program that takes place in McDonald's restaurants. Educators, students, parents and friends are invited to their local McDonald's to work and raise money for a designated school related cause.
The program also serves another purpose.
"I can't say how excited I get when students see their teachers outside the classroom," Ms. Munroe-Whitaker said.
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