Read to succeed -- starting with the winter break

Keeping in the spirit of giving and the superintendent's reading initiative, Varnett Southwest today
launched its first “Read to Succeed” challenge for everyone in grades kindergarten through fifth grade
On the last day of school of the fall semester, the students were given a new grade level-appropriate books along with an assignment from their teacher about the books. The students are allowed to keep the books for their personal libraries once the assignment is complete. The underlying purpose of this challenge is to have students continue to read over the holiday break, complete the assignments and bring them back in the New Year.  The teachers will have follow up activities for the students when they return as well. 
It is Dr. Stroud’s personal mission to ensure that students at Varnett's charter school  learn to embrace reading as a tool for life-long learning and exploration.  She will continue to encourage and create opportunities for the families to increase their home libraries while making sure each teacher, no matter what subject area they teach, have a vibrant classroom library.
Northeast and East will join Southwest in the Read to Succeed challenge during spring break.
Story by Tori Dugar, Varnett's chief academic officer
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