Key standardized tests have arrived

Key state standardized testing has arrived! Testing for the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) started Tuesday March 29 and testing for Stanford 10 began April 11. Both tests will play a large part in determining whether students advance to the next grade level in 2016-17.  STAAR is for students in grades 3-5 and Stanford is for students in K-2. Parents, are your children ready?

Ms. Tori Dugar, the Varnett charter school's chief academic officer, provided some tips on how parents can help their children prepare for the tests. Students are encouraged to:
  • Come to school on time every day (classes start at 8:00 AM sharp.);
  • Stay in school until dismissal (3:00 PM);
  • Complete assigned homework;
  • Take advantage of Saturday and after-school tutorials where available;
  • Study the night before but don’t overdo it;
  • Go to bed early the night before the test;
  • Avoid situations that will make a student nervous, stressed or jittery before taking the test;
  • Eat a healthy breakfast the day of the test. Stay away from fatty and sugary foods;
  • Get rid of all fear; and,
  • Breathe through your nose and exhale.

Dr.  Margaret Stroud, Varnett's superintendent, wants to remind students that “everything on the tests you already know, just relax and focus on one question at a time."
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Testing schedule for STAAR:
  • March 29, (4th grade writing; 5th grade math)
  • March 30, (5th grade reading)
  • May 9,  (3rd-4th grade math; 5th grade math retest)
  • May 10 (3rd-4th grade reading; 5th grade reading retest)
  • May 11  (5th grade science)
  • May 13  (Makeup day)
  • June 21  (5th grade math retest)
  • June 22  (5th grade reading retest)

Testing schedule for Stanford 10
  • April 11-15.
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