🍲🍇🍓 Breakfast With Moms🍲🍇🍓

We at East Campus had 98 mothers eat breakfast with their children Thursday, May 12.
This is the first year I had so many moms; they had to eat in shifts. Next year this event will take place over  two days to avoid the long lines. Mothers in general possess great patience. The moms and their eagerly excited children waited patiently for their turn to eat breakfast. 
The moms were served an assortment of fruit, kolaches, muffins and juice. Some students made thoughtful tokens of love to share with their parents. They took pictures at our "Mom photo picture set-up." The pictures may be viewed at our website and also on Varnett's Facebook page.
I would like to thank all the parents who came out to enjoy family time with their child. I am so grateful for the support you continue to show. Your children will always cherish the time you spent with them at school.
Thanks to Ms. Martinez and Ms. Gabby for the beautiful photo set-up. East campus could not have been successful without the behind-the-scenes staff who helped out in the cafeteria. I thank you for your gracious spirit of helping others. I could not make it without your continued, faithful and thoughtful support.
Thank you.
East Campus Director, Ms. Voltz🌹
Photos by Ms. Latricia Jones and Ms. Leidy Martinez
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