Varnett "a genuine good foundation" for education

Life is short and we are bound to encounter the trials of life or the school of life. We all desire to have the best for our children. An advocate of quality education I chose Varnett. For over 20 years Varnett has been a part of my life with now three grandchildren. The oldest sharing school years from pre-k to graduation. We shared good memorable years which encouraged my decision to enroll the other two in the Varnett School.
Coming from the 22 year old, " Varnett was a genuine good foundation in my educational journey.'' "Separated from many of my Varnett friends, ironically we met again and graduated from Lamar sharing the years at Varnett,'' My thoughts capturing the memories lead to a spirit of excellence, a quality academic curriculum, a high standard of education meeting the socioeconomic needs of the community, preparing our future generations and teachers of high concern for the students achievement are all valuables in my opinion of the Varnett School.
Thanks for this opportunity to share this great educational experience in spite of some negative past, our children are our future. Of course, there are always opportunities for growth and challenges and that's what we as parents are for to volunteer and help by any means necessary. Varnett Schooll.
-A parent
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