Summer school students to explore "Under the Sea"

Summer school is off and running here at Varnett Southwest!
This year's theme is "Under the Sea" and students will take a field trip to the Houston Aquarium to explore exactly what kinds of things live under the sea.
Students and teachers spend a full school day focusing on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), which students struggled with during the school year. They are all working hard to close the gaps in learning and boost student learning in preparation for the next grade level.
Students took a pre-test in the first week of school and will take a post-test in the last week of school. This data will help us determine student successes and identify work we still need to do first thing in the fall of the upcoming school year.
Our expectations are great, but they always are when "Excellence is Expected!" If your child is attending summer school, feel free to stop by and sit in on a class.
Ms. Ni'Cole Mukes, Southwest Campus director
Photos by Ms. Mukes
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