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Student dress code policy for 2016-17


Dear Parents:

Thank you for making The Varnett Public School your school of choice for the 2016-17 school year.

This is a reminder that the student uniform policy will be the same this coming school year as it was last year. Students attending Varnett will be expected to conform to the uniform dress code beginning August 22, the first day of school.

The uniforms can be purchased at:

Charter School Uniforms

10606 Hempstead Road #122

Houston, Texas 77092


On-line purchases also will be available by going here, which is the page for The Varnett Public School. Shipping costs $7.95.  A uniform information packet will be available to all parents at each campus.

Students will not be allowed to attend school without being in the designated school uniform. The appropriate shoes must also be worn daily. Please note that shirts must be tucked inside and shoestrings must be tied at all times.

The following is a breakdown of the uniform policy:


Top:  Green Varnett polo 

Bottom:  Navy blue pants or shorts

Shoes: Tennis shoes are permitted. However, illuminated, LED or flashing tennis shoes are strictly prohibited.

Tuesday and Thursday:

Boys wear white Varnett polo and Navy blue bottoms;

Pre-k through second grade girls wear plaid Varnett jumpers with white shirts

Third through fifth grade girls wear white Varnett polo and Varnett plaid skirts

(Solid color leggings may be worn under skirts)

Shoes: Tennis shoes are not permitted

During the winter, sweat tops and pants can be worn in place of the P.E. polo shirt and shorts. Make certain the sweat top and pants match the designated color of their regular P.E. attire. Example: green top and navy blue pants. There will be one non-uniform day each month. The first Friday of each month, students may wear their green Varnett polo shirt and blue-jean long pants for girls and boys. No denim skirts, shorts, or skorts are allowed. Tennis shoes may be worn on this day as well. Students violating this policy will be sent or transported home by school personnel.

Student apparel shall remain within the bounds of common decency. Guidelines to be followed are:

  • Students are expected to wear clean, neat and the designated school uniforms at all times;
  • Hair shall be neat and well groomed. If it is deemed that any clothing or hair style disrupts the learning environment the parents will be contacted to pick up the student;
  • Shorts, dresses and/or skirts must be at least fingertip length when arms are resting at your side;
  • A belt must be worn with pants at all times.  (This policy applies to boys and girls);
  • No student is allowed to have any permanent or temporary tattoos of any kind that are visible on the body; and, 
  • Flip flops and slippers are not allowed.
Thank you in advance and we shall see you soon.
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