Varnett ensures students are off to a healthy start

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Varnett’s charter school students are undergoing free screening for hearing, vision and Type 2 diabetes, courtesy of Pine Woods Screening Services, LLC.

The screening is taking place at the Southwest Campus library this week following similar testing at Northeast. Screening at East is yet to be determined.

“We at The Varnett Public School are glad to offer wellness programs that consist of screening our children for hearing and vision," said Nurse Allen. “It is our objective to keep our kids healthy throughout the school year." 

Early identification of hearing and vision loss critical to a child's development

State law requires that all children enrolled for the first time in school or licensed facilities – or who meet certain grade criteria – must be screened or have a professional examination for hearing and vision.

The screening applies to students in pre-k, kindergarten, first,  third, and fifth grades and for new students entering second and fourth grades.

Pine Woods also screens for Type 2 diabetes by checking the back of the neck for a condition in which the skin thickens and darkens in places.

Those who missed the screening at the beginning of school year will have another chance when Pine Woods visits Varnett again in the spring of  2017.

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