Updated student discipline policy posted on school website

The Varnett Public School has posted on its website an expanded Code of Student Conduct that emphasizes due process for students.

The 17-page document, which addresses unacceptable behavior and discipline, may be found under the Parents tab on Varnett’s home page.

It calls for Varnett to provide for the fair and equitable treatment of students facing suspension and expulsion by affording them their due process rights under the law.

“For students facing suspension or expulsion from school because of their alleged violations of student code or conduct, they must be afforded an informal hearing with school administrators before such (discipline) is finalized,” the document states.

The document is also designed to clearly articulate to teachers and administrators what steps to take before discipline, suspension or expulsion is considered. It addresses such issues as care of school and personal property, rules for students with disabilities, levels of student misconduct, a discipline procedure flow chart and the classification of violations. The document also calls for the signing of a student and parent acknowledgment form.

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The ultimate goal of the discipline program is to encourage cooperation and ensure that students:

  • Make good choices
  • Act positively and productively;
  • Take responsibility for their own behavior;
  • Help others to be successful; and
  • Work toward continuous improvement at home, school and the community.

We ask that parents and guardians fully read the document to help ensure that students, parents and the school can “share the responsibility for creating the best possible educational setting.”

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