Students celebrate the 100th day of school

How do you arrive at 100? Southwest PreK students counted the ways.
To celebrate the 100th day of the school year, students on Thursday practiced counting to the century mark as part of a math enrichment program.
Some dressed as they envisioned what 100-year-old people look like. Others walked with a cane or put white stuff in their hair, or simply wore clothing that sported the "100" look. Some students also put Cheerios on a string until they reached the magic number.
"All math, all day," is how Mrs. Cheyne Brown, the campus director, described it.
The highlight of the event was a  "100"-themed fashion show in the campus cafeteria.
The idea of celebrating the 100th day of school is to engage students in activities that promote fun and learning. It also is a great opportunity to involve the parents.
Thanks to those who participated.
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