Pre-K students excited about competitive science projects

Varnett's Southwest pre-school students just completed a month-long project aimed at helping them understand science.
The interactive assignment required them to mix certain ingredients to produce specific outcomes. All six classes participated and their work was judged by a three-person panel.
Each project had a name:
  • Ms. Michele Colbert - Walking Water
  • Ms. Ninette Harden - Flower Power
  • Ms. Charlene Roberts - Vinegar Volcano
  • Ms. Cynthia Alexander - Thunderstorm in a Cup
  • Ms. Carla Aramayo - Magic Milk
  • Ms. Jacqueline Hines - Blobs in a Bottle
The judging criteria were:
  • Scientific process/thought: Did the class complete the project in an orderly, scientific manner?
  • Creativity: Is the project itself creative and unique?
  • Skill: Did the class perform the experiments correctly?
  • Thoroughness: Is the project finished?
  • Clarity: Is the display easy to understand?
  • Dramatic value: Is the display board attractive?
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Blobs in a Bottle finished first, Vinegar Volcano finished second and Magic Milk placed third. Congratulations to Ms. Hines, Ms. Roberts and Ms. Aramayo and their students.
"This assignment allowed the students to become familiar with science words, hypotheses and conclusion," said Mrs. Cheyne Brown, the campus director. "They learned that science is part of everyday life."
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