Students raise issues, offer suggestions to administrators

Eight students from grades 2-5 had a chance to ask the campus director questions and offer suggestions about how best to run Varnett Public School Southwest.

Campus Director Ni’Cole Mukes and assistant principal Jesse Arps fielded questions from the students who make up the Principal’s Advisory Committee. The students were chosen based on their leadership qualities.

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Special guests were Mr. Kerry Shelton, the transportation director, and Ms. Dinah Adams, the lead bus driver.

Advisory Committee members discussed with Mr. Shelton such issues as students doing homework on the bus, how to handle students who may be disruptive, policies regarding cell phones, seat belts and other issues.

Listen to part of the discussion about transportation (Video)

Members of the student committee have to follow certain rules when meeting with campus administrators. They included:

  • Being in school uniform with shirts tucked in and shoes tied.
  • Taking the meeting seriously.
  • Raising their hand and waiting to be called upon to speak.
  • Waiting until a topic is discussed before asking a question or making a comment.
Ms. Mukes made it clear that the students represent their respective grade levels and not simply themselves.

The next meeting is set for March 23.

Ms. Mukes reviews first meeting with student panel (Video)

Members of the committee:

5th Grade:
Oscar Zelaya
Kourtney Redmond
4th Grade:
Diana Gonzalez
Derrick Buckner
3rd Grade:
Casi Poke
James Toliver
2nd Grade:
Trenton Roberson
Myracle Gray

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