Southwest students meet challenges for annual Science Fair

During the annual Science Fair earlier this month,  students at The Varnett Public School Southwest demonstrated their ability to utilize the scientific method, solve problems and determine whether their hypothesis was correct.

They gained invaluable experience exploring various scientific domains, applying numerous concepts learned in the classroom and analyzing data related to their projects. In an effort to prevent judging bias, projects were scored by outside judges who had no affiliation with the participants.

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Our students in grades 3-5 did an excellent job creating their projects, engaging in the scientific method and explaining various components of their projects. Students were required to identify a problem, identify the hypothesis, identify the variables, list the materials used, identify the procedure, present a bibliography, describe observations in a well-organized manner, summarize data in a graph, interpret the data, present the project in a neat and creative manner and to be original.

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The grand winner was Josiah Jones, a fifth-grader who conducted an experiment on "Lemon Power." Skylar Mallet, also a fifth-grader, was named the runner-up. These two students received trophies for their dedication and outstanding projects. The judges were Ms. Sentorial Winters, Ms. LaShanon Hollis and Mr. Peter McConnell.

We would like to thank all students, staff members, judges, and teachers who made our Science Fair a huge success.

Story by Mr. Jesse Arps, vice principal

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