Southwest Pre-K: Dads, donuts and a lot more

"Building with Dad."
That was the theme for today as fathers joined their Southwest Pre-K children for breakfast on campus. In a symbolic sense, they were building on their relationships.
But in a literal sense, dads and their children after breakfast built and painted sailboats, picture frames, storage boxes, bird houses and even little bunny rabbits. The pounding of hammers was prevalent throughout the room.
The supplies came from long-time partner Home Depot Westbury Square, which provides materials to schools for these kinds of projects. The cafeteria was essentially converted into a workshop for families to work their magic.
Bishop Patrick Powell, pastor of Unction Tabernacle of Deliverance, gave an inspirational speech about the importance of fathers and the relationships they have with their families. Bishop Powell has a child in Southwest Pre-K.
Overall, fathers and their children had a constructive day in more ways than one.
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