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Students screened for hearing and vision

The Varnett Public School is wasting no time in gauging the health of its students.

On the first school day after Hurricane Harvey, Pine Woods Screening Services, LLC arrived at the Southwest Campus and began screening students for hearing and vision. The free screening took place in the campus library and continues throughout the week.

Those targeted for screening are students in pre-k, kindergarten, first, third and fifth grades. In addition, students in grades one and three will be tested for Type 2 diabetes and Varnett’s new sixth graders will be screened for scoliosis.

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If problems are detected, parents are encouraged to take their child to the doctor, said Ms. Karen Allen, the health and wellness coordinator.

State law requires that all children enrolled for the first time in school or licensed facilities – or who meet certain grade criteria – must be screened or have a professional examination for hearing and vision.

Early identification of hearing and vision loss critical to a child's development

Those who miss this week’s screening will have another chance when Pine Woods returns in April 2018.

Screening for East and Northeast students will take place later this school year.

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