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Toro's a bull but not when it comes to bullying

Houston Texans mascot Toro and friends delighted throngs of students when he dashed onto the scene at Southwest Campus to deliver a very important message: he came to "Take the Bull out of Bullying."

The cheering students from Southwest and Early Childhood Education campuses also heard messages on the big screen from Texans defensive end Christian Covington, outside linebacker Whitney Mercilus, defensive end J.J. Watt and a member of the Texans cheerleading team.
"Those who are doing the bullying: stop," Mr. Covington said.
Representatives from the Texans said there are four kinds of bullying:
  • Big mouth bullying
  • Hands-on bullying
  • Stay out bullying, such as excluding someone from being a part of a group, and
  • Cyber bullying
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Toro and his friends gave pop quizzes to selected students to recite what they just had learned. The students delivered the right answers and were rewarded with a Toro football jersey No. 1.
The students also learned how to combat bullying:
  • B Be confident
  • U Use your voice
  • Leave
  • Look out for others
  • "Y" would you bully?
For more information about Toro's message, click here.
Thanks to Toro and the entire Houston Texans organization for  "taking the bull out of bullying!"
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