The Varnett School-Northeast on Thursday, Nov. 16, kicked off its soccer season with a match between third- and fourth-graders as excited parents looked on.
The campus was still bustling with activity after school let out at 3:15 p.m., a scene that The Varnett Public School is counting on continuing with its after-school enrichment program.
Soccer, cheerleading and dance are among several activities being added at each of Varnett's four campuses. Other enrichment programs will include basketball, chess, dance, flag football, softball, track and field and homework assistance. 
The enrichment program will provide a  warm, caring environment beyond school hours when children will have an opportunity to play with school friends and get homework assistance. The offerings are designed to stimulate children to be healthier and happier.
Students will spend out-of-school hours in a safe and stimulating environment. District and campus staff will work together to ensure that the programs supplement the learning taking place in the school day.
Besides academic support, the enrichment program focuses on the development of students' social skills. Campus leaders who will direct this initiative will be respectful and positive toward students, mindful of the importance of appropriate role models.
"We're getting a lot of people involved," said Mr. Lonnie Reynolds, Varnett's athletic director. "Whether the students win or don't win, that doesn't matter to me because we are all winning."
Mr. Reynolds said the district will launch basketball, flag football and track and field after soccer.
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