Students learn hands-on techniques for conserving water

By Ms. Ellisha Newton
Varnett Instructional Science Coach
Many of our fifth-grade scholars had the opportunity to participate in a Water Detective Waterwise program presentation!
During the presentation, Jennifer Welch from Harris-Galveston Subsidence District presented the scholars with a demonstration and valuable information about water conservation. Each scholar received water kits and learned to test the water at home, as well as find and replace parts of faucets, showers and commodes that may cause leaks and are not energy efficient.
They learned more about the water cycle, surface and groundwater and how Houston and surrounding areas treat water to ensure it is potable (a quality suitable for drinking).
Students and parents receive access to more information and resources through the Water Detective Waterwise website as well.  
East and Northeast campus students attended the presentation on Jan. 25 and Feb. 1, respectively. Ms. Welch will hold presentations for Southeast and Southwest students on Feb. 9.
Photos by Ms. Newton
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