The Varnett School Community Service Initiative

The community service program at The Varnett School Aerospace Academy supports the district’s mission by inspiring students to develop personal responsibility, concern for others and a commitment to serve society.
The program also reinforces the districts character traits and core values and strives to teach children how to apply knowledge and interactive skills that address important school and community needs. Students discover new interests and abilities, learn to work cooperatively and assume leadership roles, as they experience the value of caring and helping others. The entire Varnett School middle school community of scholars, parents, faculty and staff work together to make a positive difference through a variety of community service efforts.


The Varnett School has three main criteria for community service projects which may change yearly. They are:

  1. The project should meet one of The Varnett School community service focus areas (education, health, poverty issues).

  2. The project should be located in area in which we have a campus located.

  3. The project should be facilitated by a nonprofit organization having 501(c)(3) status.



Houston Food Bank~ October 2018

Food is distributed to needy families through food pantries and soup kitchens throughout Houston by the Houston Food Bank organization, which relies upon the energy and time investment of volunteers to stamp out hunger in the area. There are a variety of programs for kids and families to volunteer with the Houston Food Bank, as well as resources for families in need of assistance to receive nutritious food items.

Star of Hope~ December 2018

Dedicated to helping Houston’s homeless population, Star of Hope Mission is a great organization that brings families in need and those willing to help together. Helping kids their own age who are far less fortunate can put your children’s own relative good fortune into perspective, while simultaneously making a very real difference in the lives of needy families.

Autumn Grove Cottage~March 2019

Families with a patriarch or matriarch suffering from the debilitating effects of Alzheimer’s disease can obtain aid through Autumn Grove Cottage, which sends volunteers to work with Alzheimer’s patients around the city. For kids and adults alike, there are also volunteer programs in which a difference can be made in the lives of families dealing with the effects of such a devastating disease.

Meals on Wheels-May 2019

Interfaith Ministries' Meals on Wheels for Greater Houston program provides a home-delivered meal to homebound seniors over 60 and their spouses. The program also delivers breakfast and weekend meals to the most frail and isolated seniors. This nutritional support helps seniors stay independent and in their own homes.

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