11-year-old author inspires fourth graders

Mr. Bailey C. Moore,  an 11-year-old writer and author of the book "Mr. Archie is Missing,"  made a second visit to the Varnett Public School Southwest Wednesday to talk with our fourth graders.
Mr. Moore told the students about his love for books and credited his family members for influencing him to continue with this writing skills.
He answered many questions about his career and revealed that he has already finished his second book. We'll be looking for the new book on the shelves.
Dr. Margaret Stroud, superintendent of The Varnett Public School, is impressed with young author Bailey C. Moore and has a surprise for him during his visit to Varnett in April (Video)
His first visit came during Career Week last school year just after he read part of "Mr. Archie is Missing" at a tribute to the former First Lady Barbara Bush at City Hall in Houston.
Mr. Antoine Fleming is the teacher that the character “Mr. Archie” is based on, according to baileycmoore.com.  Mr. Fleming was a social worker at Mr. Moore's former elementary school. "During a time when Bailey was dealing with the issue of peer acceptance, Mr. Fleming took Bailey under his wings and taught him how to come to grips with normal school-age problems," it says on the website.
One of Mr. Moore's favorite sayings is "never trade respect for attention."
Top Photo: Mr. Bailey C. Moore autographs his book, "Mr. Archie is Missing," during his first visit to Varnett, in April 2018.
Story by Ms. Deloris Jackson and Mr. Peter McConnell
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