Parent Empowerment Program begins


The Parent Empowerment Program is a culturally responsive parent-centered approach to increasing parents’ advocacy and expectations for the success of children.


“I Got the Power”-Parents have the power to shape the early development of their children’s lives. The program draws from this notion to engage parents in achieving this goal with their children. 

         Foundation Themes

  • Fairness
  • Firmness
  • Expectations
  • Relationships
  • Communication
         Sessions Guide
Session 1: The Power of Love. What does affection look like to you?
Session 2: The Power of Follow Through. What does consistency look like to you?
Session 3: The Power of Respect. What does consideration look like to you?
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Session 4: The Power of Praise. What does regard look like to you?
Session 5: The Power of Redirection. What does guidance look like to you?
Session 6: The Power of Presence. What does engagement look like to you?
Session 7: The Power of Exposure. What does immersion look like to you?
Session 8: The Power of Healthy Living. What does lifestyle look like to you?
Session 9: The Power of a Positive Outlook, What does a positive attitude look like to you?
Top photo: Dr. Mack Hines  (center) and parent liaisons meet for first time this year. From left, Ms. Shannon Green-Payne, Southeast campus; Ms. Pamella Thomas, Southwest campus and Early Childhood Center; Ms. Anna Medina, Northeast campus and Ms. Leidy Martinez, East campus.
Material compiled by Ms. Pamella Thomas, parent liaison at The Varnett School Southwest and Early Childhood Education.
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